As I was journaling tonight, I was circling on thoughts of what I need to refocus on my writing practice. The first stage of this I feel is re-approaching Digital Minimalism (Cal Newport) to review my tools and usage.

To the effect of writing more, to build the habit I expect to have more ‘micro-blog’ style entries, that are more journal / stream of thought style, vs well thought/planned/edited.

As I begin my efforts on re-evaluating my tools and applications via Digital Minimalism, I aim to write about those findings and my thoughts.

My first target as I make time in the busy days ahead will be my iPhone 13 Pro and the various apps and services I have installed. More to come!

#minimalism #digitalminimalism


After reading Digital Minimalism several times when it was released, I looked for ways to implement the ideas presented. They ranged from minor changes to the existing smartphone all the way to the realm of no mobile device. The first serious solution I settled on was using an LTE Tablet in place of the smartphone, circa 2019.


After having read Digital Minimalism in 2019, I have implemented the concepts in various forms.

Firstly, and the one that has had the most effective impact and balance, was handling notifications on devices. This included all forms of audio and visual push notifications, and the notification counters on app icons.