Thanks for reading TechZerker!

I'm Scott, a Canadian tech professional in the industry since 2005. As expected, I've been passionate about technology long before it became my profession, starting off with an old Apple IIC!

I created TechZerker as my source to talk about technology in all aspects. I don't intend to focus on any one narrow subject in my tech experience.

On the gaming front, I'm a heavy mix between modern-ish gaming and what is best described as nostalgic gaming (late 90's and 2000's), which rarely counts as retro.

Over time I've evolved from a regular tech user on the windows flavor of the day, to a die-hard windows fan (including Windows Phone!) and after that mess, finally have settled comfortably into open source and Arch Linux. I take data security and data privacy seriously, hence self-hosting most of my services.

As a final point, I am definitely concerned at the modern smartphone addiction, and as I'm lifting my head up, can't un-see a world scrolling through feeds, likes and shares with no real interaction. If you want to have an honest and intelligent discussion with me on a subject, you can reach out to me.

Librem Social: @[email protected]



Privacy & Advertising

As part of operating this site via Write Freely and it's ideals, it has no Likes, Hearts or Quick Shares. You can contact me above for a genuine discussion.

For privacy, it has no identity tracking or data gathering mechanisms. I use Duck Duck Go's tools and regularly check my own site to make sure I have not unintentionally violated this.

The only type of advertising you will ever find here will be direct old fashion referral links in plain text. These links will only be present if it flows well with the writing as to not disrupt the reading experience. If any of those referrals ever actually turn a profit, I will always make sure a portion goes back to donations to open source projects like WriteFreely.org.