This article is a concise summary on RSS, and why it is a great way to syndicate content. It also hits the nail on the head for why it's being “killed” (marked as dead) by the content providers most are familiar with. (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) In short, with RSS, everything is chronological from when it was published, no algorithims deciding what you should read. Generally, when a site I have followed has removed RSS, I don't intentionally stop reading it (aka: I'm not boycotting it), it mostly just falls off my radar, as there are very few sites I directly visit on a regular basis.

I used RSS via Google Reader heavily when it was popular, that being pre or early Facebook days. When it was shutdown, I moved onto Feedly, before finally rolling my own Self-Hosted MiniFlux RSS reader instance. Similar to Ibrahim, my site built with Hugo has RSS available and encouraged.

Article: With RSS, You are in Control

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