Toxicity in Linux Community (Link)

The Linux For Everyone channel, founded by Jason Evangelho today posted an excellent commentary, written by Alan Diggs on the recurring challenges of the toxicity in the Linux community.

While there are some amazing and supportive groups throughout the Linux community, it is easy to agree with this commentary that the toxicity is a scar that consistently hurts the overall image of Linux and Open Source.

Working in enterprise IT, I personally know a selection of working IT folks who at my encouragement have tried Linux, and if they couldn't reach me, gone to a forum for questions, and then texted me quitting Linux because of how agressivly they were berated.

My core approach with Linux and encouraging adoption has been to talk about my own system and what works (and what does not) and show it off a little. If anyone reaches out and shows some interest, I will gadly answer what questions I can, understand their needs, and attempt to help and steer them in the right direction. However, the core philosphy is:

Use what works for you. Period.

If your Windows 10 system is getting the job (or game) done for you, and anything the community has shown in Linux (or BSD) has not grabbed your attention, that's fine, live and let live. If your interested in the systems the positive users in the community talk about and demonstrate, reach out with questions. If you've tried before and hit a “Wall of Toxicity”, then here are a few great places to join and ask questions where we'll be friendly and helpful, regardless of your experience level:

Fosstodon (Mastodon Instance)

Telegram: Linux For Everyone

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