This article is a concise summary on RSS, and why it is a great way to syndicate content. It also hits the nail on the head for why it’s being “killed” (marked as dead) by the content providers most are familiar with. (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) In short, with RSS, everything is chronological from when it was published, no algorithims deciding what you should read. Generally, when a site I have followed has removed RSS, I don’t intentionally stop reading it (aka: I’m not boycotting it), it mostly just falls off my radar, as there are very few sites I directly visit on a regular basis.
Through an old article in my RSS, I came across this very long twitter post. I found it worth sharing as it expands one of the directions tech is moving in, rapidly. Will we all welcome it? Will it blend well with FOSS? Will it run EMACS or VIM?!? … Source Twitter Post Copied in full below for easier reading Paperspace and Rollapp have my head spinning. It’s so clear this is the future and so clear hardly anyone sees it.
This story already circulated plenty in months past, but I decided to link it today after a good co-worker discussion on who writes history, and always being willing to learn facts. In our case, our discussion started with referring to Hunting Hitler, and understanding at the close of the war, people needed to hear we got him!, even if it wasn’t accurate, and he was actively being searched for. The same goes for Japan in 1945, the American public, at least in the short term, needed to hear that the Atomic Bomb developed at great expense and sacrifice ended the war.