Self-Hosting Services

Tired of hearing about data breaches and big tech companies monitoring you and you data? Tired of hearing how that data is used to advertise to you and manipulate search results, as well as what you see elsewhere online (Facebook, etc.)? There are alternatives! While my core business is focused on small businesses, in respect to Self Hosting services for data security and privacy, I am available to assist on an individual level as well.

What types of services can you self host to move away from big tech?

I am available for the full range of services for these type of solutions, which can be hosted both online or in your home. My services include:

Brief Background

Education: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (2005) Recognition: BSc. Senior Project: First place competing with classmates in building a real solution, for a real client. A pre-requisite of graduation.

Industry Experience: Eight years with Nestle โ€“ Solo IT Technician & Manager at Factory & Warehouse Three Years with a large Canadian Municipality โ€“ Senior Infrastructure (Servers, Storage, Security) Three Years with a remote camp Gold mine in the arctic โ€“ Solo IT Technician (All Systems) Four Years operating self-hosted services for Cloud Storage, Web Hosting, News Aggregation, Photo Sharing, Music Streaming and Online Gaming


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