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Mission Statement

My mission with Techzerker is to help your business use technology in a way that supports and enhances your business. The technology of your business should be the right fit for your needs, while maintaining adequate security and reliability.

My objective with every client is to understand your business and technology pain points; then find a solution that best supports your operational needs and budget. I firmly disagree with IT practices of using complex terminology and acronyms to mislead clients. If your current IT consultant cannot elevator pitch explain your systems and how they are benefiting your business, then lets talk!

Serving: Northern Ontario

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Brief Background

Education: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (2005) Recognition: BSc. Senior Project: First place competing with classmates in building a real solution, for a real client. A pre-requisite of graduation.

Industry Experience: Eight years with Nestle โ€“ Solo IT Technician & Manager at Factory & Warehouse Three Years with a large Canadian Municipality โ€“ Senior Infrastructure (Servers, Storage, Security) Three Years with a remote camp Gold mine in the arctic โ€“ Solo IT Technician (All Systems) Four Years operating self-hosted services for Cloud Storage, Web Hosting, News Aggregation, Photo Sharing, Music Streaming and Online Gaming


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