ARM Systems and the 2019 Pinebook Pro


Over the last year, I’m progressively been keeping a closer eye on ARM-based systems as they’re growing in power and usability. I currently have a retro game system based on a Raspberry Pi 3B+, and it’s already a great system.

As we’re getting into 2020, I’m seeing a lot more articles and posts of the Pi4, at least the 4GB model, making a decent basic workstation and office computer. This is assuming that use case is similar to that of a Chromebook, focused on web and terminal type software. Along the same vein is a system like the Pinebook Pro, which has been getting a fair amount of attention for making the right decisions for a budget system that does not feel budget. I was prompted to post this tonight because I really enjoyed this longer Vice article on the Pinebook Pro and its market in general:

The Pinebook Pro, a community-built Linux laptop that runs on ARM hardware, offers a few surprises. Fairly inexpensive, it’s the perfect machine for tinkerers.

This $200 Laptop Is Like a Chromebook You Can Hack

Currently, getting your hands on a Pinebook Pro at its original price point is challenging. The Pinebook Pro has been popular and not mass-produced, with even lower production volumes for the ISO North American keyboard variant. Knowing that, unless a new batch comes in soon, I’ll likely acquire either a Raspberry Pi4 or a Pine64 - ROCKPro64 for a small home workstation and tinker box for Arch Linux and i3wm.

When I do acquire something, I will definitely write about any projects I plan, such as a Plex media server, maybe a small in-home Minecraft box, not to mention a NAS system at some point!