Self Hosting Migration Rush


The last few evenings after work I have kept very occupied as I tackled a variety of #SelfHosting projects on my plate.

If you visited this site at all in the past year, it was still a very busy ’news magazine’ looking WordPress site. It liked it at the time. I am shifting more to quick, personal writing on my tech adventures.

Hence, has moved to the reading focused WriteFreely platform. It’s open source, light on server resources, and was a breeze to implement! It is the project that powers the more well known Write.As platform.

While I was at it, I also moved my cloud storage system from it’s existing VPS to this new Vultr VPS. I have been using Resilio Sync to that end for nearly a year now. It has been working great for my needs and I will do a better write-up on it, and it’s installation.

Last on the list, and easier than I expected, I deployed MiniFlux to replace Feedly. I continue to prefer a curated RSS feed over what social media services try to serve me. I had one or two small bumps with steps not really documented, but they were simple to figure out!

All those services are now up and running, and are now on my preferred pure Arch Linux distro. The last project on the plate is to migrate an existing MineCraft. For that project I’m going to test out MineOS to simplify the management.

I will do additional write-ups or commentary on each of the applications when I am ready to write about them. In the meantime, enjoy the cleaner and way faster loading TechZerker!