Share Experience Changed for Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft detailed today the changes coming to the “Share” experience coming in the Creators Update, officially releasing to automatic updates next week.

First and foremost, the icon used for sharing is being updated to reflect a more common share icon used in other applications and platforms. On the developer side Microsoft has detailed this is an in-line replacement, meaning developers don’t need to update their applications to switch to the new icon.

Along with the icon change, the Share Dialog that comes up, on PC and Mobile, is being updated. The updated Share Dialog on PC will center itself in the window (vs. tucking off in a corner), shows more information about what your sharing, and is more context aware of potential sources to share with, based on the content.

Finally, as can be seen in the sample above, the Share Dialog will recommend other popular apps that the content can share to, that you don’t currently have installed. Direct from the share dialog you can then select to install the application in question and get bumped to the store to complete the install. Microsoft, in the developers section, says these other recommended apps for sharing are based on popular rankings per store region and the content type, so no worries about malicious apps slipping their way into the share dialog.

These features are already available in the current Insider Build Fast Ring, and will be available to everyone in the Creators Update next week.

Scott Haner

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