Windows 10 Shortcuts to Manage Tasks Efficiently

Any time we’re introduced to a new operating system, at home or at work, our most common approach is to make it work the way our previous version did. In other words for many work and professional users often coming from Windows 7, we do everything to make it works like Windows 7, we keep cluttered desktop shortcuts like we had (instead of organized Start Menu Tiles), and we don’t learn all the new features and cool shortcuts that make it easier to work in the new system.

In this article we’ll show you a few useful keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10 to handle all the programs and tasks you have open at any time and help you focus on your work.


See all your open tasks on the screen at once with live updates – Windows Key + Tab

I use this one most often at work when I have multiple PowerShell scripts open as unlike previous versions, instead of it displaying a still image of each program, all the windows continue to show the active process. Also note from this same view you can also access multiple desktops, handy if you want to separate all your programs open for a specific task or project to one desktop to focus, while leaving e-mail or chat programs on your main desktop.



Split two Tasks on the screen to Left and Right – Windows Key + Left/Right Arrow Key

With either the Windows Key + Left Arrow or Right Arrow key, you can move the active task to that half of the screen, and then a view similar to the Task View above will display on the opposite side to select the second task for the split screen.


Regain your Focus and Minimize all Programs – Windows Key + M

Most useful when you have too many applications open and are feeling cluttered or distracted, a quick Windows Key + M will minimize all the open windows. Once everything is minimized you can also then use Windows Key + Number (1 – 0) to re-open the app from the taskbar in the same position as the number. Finally if you prefer when cluttered, just like Windows 7 you can still grab the window you want to work in and shake it with the mouse to minimize everything except that window.



Move Active Windows or Task in a Multi-Monitor Setup to other display – Windows Key + Shift + Left/Right Arrow


Open the Run dialog to quickly start new tasks – Windows Key + R


Open the Search dialog, which can also do web searches thanks to Cortana – Windows Key + S


Finally, let us not forget one of the most critical shortcuts any time you walk away from your workstation, at work or at home for security sakes.

Lock Your Computer – Windows + L


The shortcuts above are just the start, keep exploring what Windows 10 has to offer and you can work more efficiently and organized, instead of making Windows 10 work the way you’ve always worked since Windows 95, 98, XP or Windows 7.

Scott Haner

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