Google Announces Launch of YouTube TV in Limited Markets

This evening, Google (Alphabet) announced the launch of their own Live TV service via the YouTube branding, as YouTube TV. Initially to be available in select large US Markets, meaning major cities, the service will include forty channels from major networks, an unlimited storage Cloud DVR, support on most devices including Chromecast and access to YouTube Red Originals. As the service launches it will be available for $35 USD with no contract or commitments.

For myself in Canada, I don’t expect to see this service expand this way north anytime soon, given most TV related services have a long road to get through CRTC approval, and coordinating content from Canadian networks. Also, probably a more common phrase now, but it looks a lot like in this announcement they borrowed Cord Killers line pretty closely of “want to watch what they want, when they want, how they want…”

Press Release from YouTube

Scott Haner

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