Minecraft Pocket Edition Support & Updates Dropped for Windows Mobile

Windows Central has broke the initial story and verified sources, but it looks confirmed that Mojang/Microsoft are leaving Minecraft Pocket Edition at version 0.16.2 on Windows Mobile 10, and not immediately providing any kind of UWP replacement. This is an unfortunate blow to Windows Mobile as additional application support continues to be dropped at a regular interval. While Minecraft development itself remains with Mojang, because they are owned by Microsoft, the short version of the story and comments will be that Microsoft won’t support it’s own platform…and it’s hard to argue that point. I myself was really looking forward with the 1.0 Ender Update for “all platforms”, to finally getting Realms support on my Lumia 650 instead of playing my own isolated offline world on my phone.

For now, I’m not going anywhere, as I still vastly prefer the Windows Live Tile interface over Android and iOS, but this hurts and makes me consider other mobile solutions like a full Windows 10 LTE Tablet in that 7″ range, perhaps with a VOIP phone solution or the like over a “Windows 10 Mobile” smartphone. (But then that brings up the issues of using a larger device as a phone, having to use a headset or speaker phone for calls, and all sorts of issues…that can be separate article!)

Scott Haner

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