Cube WP10 Windows Phone: Unboxing & First Impressions

I received, after some delay, this 6.98″ Cube WP10 Windows Mobile (Phone) finally, so first up decided to do a quick unboxing and see how it feels initially. The video version below is a bit rough with some reflections and camera angle challenges as I moved recently and am still working out my desk/studio layout.



Out of the box the tablet is as expected, very large for a phone. I expect it could probably be adapted to if you’re like me, and don’t use your “SmartPhone” as a phone much. At 8.5mm thick it’s actually fairly slim, and feel incredibly solid for overall build quality. It does not seem to flex at all, the buttons are crisp and responsive, and the rounded edges make it easy feeling to hold, at least on first impression. As for the screen, overall it looks crisp and bright, with the usual reflection. Being only a 720p screen resolution you can see the quality difference a little if you really focus, but it does not stand out or feel like it would be an issue, especially in this price range.



As Windows Central and other reviews have commented, out of the box the Cube WP10 comes with a late 2015 build of Windows Mobile, pre-Anniversary Update. In the same note, operating on this version the phone works “ok”, but seems a bit clunky (but about as clunky as my Lumia 950 XL felt on this version of Windows Mobile…so that’s a software issue!). If you go to run Windows Update on the device, it finds nothing as Microsoft has not approved the device for updates. The good news that I’m in the process of testing for the full review, is you can do some quick registry changes (I don’t like calling them “hacks”) to have the phone appear as a Lumia 950 and then get updates fine! So I’ll try running the phone with Anniversary Update production release, and then also try out Slow and Fast ring Insider builds.



Out of the box the Cube WP10 actually feels very solid and well built and feels like Cube might be onto something. The only challenge I expect is it looks like this version at least of the WP10 has very limited support for North American 3G/4G/LTE wireless bands, so this might mostly be a WiFi & VOIP solution phone. Stay tuned for the full review shortly after I’ve run the device around as a daily for a while!



Scott Haner

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