Minecraft: Pocket & Windows 10 Edition 1.0 – Ender Update – Released

Yesterday Microsoft and Mojang released the big version 1.0 update for Minecraft Pocket Edition (all platforms) and Windows 10 Edition, titled The Ender Update. Obviously the key addition in this update for in game content is all the PC version “The End” content that we’ve had for so long. This means The End, Ender Dragon, End Portals, and all the various goodies, materials and loot that comes with The End. Personally for me, while all this is well and awesome, farther down the change-log was the entry I have really been waiting for:

Finally, 256 world height in Pocket Edition!

I have had multiple worlds I’ve worked on both on my iPad Pocket Edition, and on my various Lumia Windows Mobile devices with Pocket Edition where I’ve been in the process of building mountain-top structures, villas, and the like, only to hit that ominous error/warning on block failed to be placed due to maximum 128 World Height limit. This means I have multiple “back burner” worlds now I can return to and keep building. I had become so used to the higher world height on PC Java client edition, that I often was over ambitious for the lower world height of pocket edition…no more!

The rest of the update summary from Minecraft.net is here…after the release trailer below:

Update Highlights from Minecraft.net:

  • The End, End cities, End ships, Ender dragon & all the other End goodies
  • Ender Pearls
  • Eye of Ender
  • Ender Chest
  • Dragon head
  • Shulkers & shulker shells
  • Chorus fruit and popped chorus fruit
  • End stone & End stone brick
  • End poem
  • Purpur block, purpur pillar, purpur slab & purpur stairs
  • End Rod
  • Dragon Egg
  • Exit Portal & End Gateway
  • Ender charge
  • Ability to craft lingering potions in survival
  • Ability to craft tipped arrows in survival
  • Ability to respawn Jean? the Ender Dragon
  • Dragon’s breath
  • Elytra
  • Ender crystals
  • 256 world height!
  • World seed library
  • Igloos & polar bears
  • Strongholds now fully implemented and have a chance of spawning in newly generated chunks
  • Support for world templates


Beyond that, the interface keeps improving by leaps and bounds, the curated World Seed Library looks pretty rad, and the only missing feature now in my book is that my Windows Mobile (Phone) Pocket Edition still can’t participate in Realms! Note that it’s listed in the menu’s and the store, so we know the feature is coming, it just currently tells all Windows Mobile users that their device is not compatible.

Also, while Realms seems the better solution currently for Pocket Editions, for your PC Minecraft Server needs, don’t forget NetherBox hosting, it’s where I host my own private server with a collections of friends!

Scott Haner

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