Heroes of the What?!? – New YouTube Series for TechZerker

Among all the day to day activities of a day IT job, helping out the fiancée with university and keeping things all in order, I have multiple plans in progress to run some regular gameplay commentary series on TechZerker for a variety of games. The first of these series is with one of my close local friends with Heroes of the Storm, naming the series aptly Heroes of the What? (I was actually surprised a YouTube and web search revealed minimal use of that name).

Over the weekend, even though it was recorded a full week before and took a little bit to edit up and work out some technical glitches, I posted the initial “Pilot Episode” of Heroes of the What?!?. The primary time consuming issue with editing was I didn’t plan anything to help sync up our voices, so that took a while, I forgot to start recording the game till about a minute or so in, so we have some initial commentary before the video kicks in. Finally I had various points in the video where the gameplay audio from Xsplit, even though I’m sure I had it with microphone muted (recording microphone separately with Audacity) has my c0-hosts audio mixed in, which I could not completely line up due to connection latency I had with the Audacity voiceover. Next game I’ll re-check these settings just in case, as I know it’s not an issue with my awesome Blue Snowball microphone, love it!

All that being said, if you did not already click through above somewhere, here is the Pilot Episode of Heroes of the What?!? for your viewing pleasure, please feel free to comment as this is a Pilot episode for a reason.

I expect to record the next episode shortly and hopefully have it posted within a week, but with final exams coming up for the fiancée and the holidays, we may see a little more lag time before I can try and implement a “regular” schedule. I’m also considering as this kicks into gear some other games, with next on the list being a regular Minecraft commentary series, alone or with others, as I’m a relative Minecraft “newbie” with less than 10 hours experience…ever! Look for that soon as well…I think!


Scott Haner

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