Windows 10 Devices Event – Oct 6, 2015 – Highlight Videos

With all the announcements in a very well run event yesterday from Microsoft in New York, to save some folks interested in only a certain product from watching/searching through the whole two hour event, I’ve pulled out several of the key segments. I didn’t post anything for the Microsoft Band 2 or the Surface Book announcements yet, but here are a few for your enjoyment. The quality is not perfect as it was a bit of a last minute idea with my new laptop to capture and segment these video’s, but they turned out fairly well for a quick project.

The HoloLens stuff continues to look very cool. It’s a long ways from retail, but interests me way more than “Full VR” stuff like Oculus Rift.

Of course I’m a huge fan of my existing Lumia 1020, and even my previous Lumia 520 and Windows Phone. I’m looking at upgrading next spring, and unless a super-camera successor to the 1020 comes out by then, the 950XL is looking very tempting!

The Surface devices continue to get more awesome. Before buying my new MSI Laptop I was looking really heavily at the Pro 3’s as an option, but wanted to get back to one main system (and powerful Laptop) instead of having a separate gaming rig desktop at home. I’ll do a review of this laptop shortly… (it’s an MSI GE72 Apache…awesome!)

Finally, I just love that Microsoft felt comfortable and “fun” on stage. The second presented in the Lumia talk with the rad hat was enjoyable, and everyone on stage had a good feeling of confidence and excitement. That’s why it was just funny when they took this jab at the recently announced “Apple Pencil” as part of the new iPad Pro:

Scott Haner

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