Powerful PC Stick: MagicStick Cherry Trail Proc, 8GB Ram, 64GB+ Storage, Windows 10 + Android 5

This little Pocket PC Stick looks absolutely awesome.
I was already heavily looking at devices like the Intel Compute Stick.

But now we can blow that device out of the water! During it’s IndieGoGo campaign you can spend about $50-80 more than the Intel stick and get a newer processor, 8GB Ram (vs 2GB), better storage capacity/capability, as well as Dual O/S setup of Windows 10 & Android 5.x! Take a look and support this awesome project:


Full Details:

MagicStick is the most powerful PC on a stick that turns your TV into a real computer. Simply plug it to a TV or projector, add a keyboard and mouse or use the free control app for mobile and tablet and you are ready to go!

MagicStick is the first PC stick with up to 8GB RAM and Intel’s almighty 14 nm Cherry trail quad core processor with 12/16 core GPU, HDMI 2.0, USB 3.1, 256 GB solid storage.

It comes with Windows 10 and Android Lollipop Pre-loaded and also supports all variants of Linux. You will be able to access and browse the internet from your tv, 4K films streaming & watching, Shop on-line or play your favorite 3D video game.

Be the first to experience the power of MagicStick – Delivery in Dec. 2015.



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