Techzerker Art: My First Shutterstock Experience

Keeping this short and sweet, as I’ve starting planning and converting a few disparate sites and page into an actual brand under Techzerker, I knew my own artistic abilities would not suffice! That being said, big or small I would like to build Techzerker correctly and legally, which means I couldn’t just roam google images for cool artwork to make banners, backgrounds, etc.

After a little research and checking a few competitors, I found the two pictures below on  and paid their Basic rate for the pair of images in incredibly high resolution. From that point I made my light modifications with text using GIMP open source image editor and it was ready to launch! I love that services like this exist to make it easy to find good quality images without any legal concerns.

Obviously I’ve uploaded my edited images in a “regular” resolution, as the last thing I want to do with this post is provide someone less honest the high resolution originals to steal! So here they are:

TechZerker_Profile_800 TechZerker_BlogHeader_1600x600

Scott Haner

Thanks for reading TechZerker! I’m Scott, a Canadian tech professional for over a decade with a wide range of experience. I created TechZerker as my own source to talk about a variety of tech subjects, from reviews of hardware I get my hands on, challenges I see in my tech work, gaming with focus on nostalgic gaming (games over 10-ish years old, but not Retro), and more recently my explorations in Linux and Linux gaming as a long time Windows Insider and fan. I am passionate about the tech I work and live with and enjoy a good, intelligent discussion on all these topics.