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Windows 10 Devices Event – Oct 6, 2015 – Highlight Videos

With all the announcements in a very well run event yesterday from Microsoft in New York, to save some folks interested in only a certain product from watching/searching through the whole two hour event, I’ve pulled out several of the key segments. I didn’t post anything for the Microsoft Band 2 or the Surface Book Read More

Apple iPad Pro Vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 3

In their usual fall mega event for press and online viewers, yesterday Apple unveiled a whole slew of new tech and updates or revisions to existing tech, all coming out over the next few months. For this article I’m briefly touching on my take on the announced 12.9″ iPad Pro “big tablet”, and it’s very Read More

Windows 10 and the Ninja Cat

These last few months it’s been fun to watch Microsoft come back around to oddly “feel” like an underdog in the industry. I realize they are not an underdog… they have the market share because Windows has just been “needed” for so long. That was even addressed in this quote from Satya Nadella earlier this Read More

Techzerker Art: My First Shutterstock Experience

Keeping this short and sweet, as I’ve starting planning and converting a few disparate sites and page into an actual brand under Techzerker, I knew my own artistic abilities would not suffice! That being said, big or small I would like to build Techzerker correctly and legally, which means I couldn’t just roam google images Read More

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