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2013 Edmonton Expo & Comic-Con

A full week has already passed since the show was over, but the memories of attending the 2nd ever Edmonton Expo are strong! (Of note though…they really need to add Comic in that name somewhere…the average Albertan has no clue what it’s about just by name “Edmonton Expo”…just saying!) The small gang I traveled to Read More

40k: Orks Vs. Imperial Guard: Feb 21st!

What ever shall Nerdy Men do on the day of an Olympic Hockey game, while waiting until Game Time?? Why…..WarHammer 40k of course…..WAAAAAGHH! This actually rather warm ( I was going to say cold and desolate) Calgary day, the Red Dwarf Orks clashed with the Imperial Guard of Commissar Motti in a recently bombarded and Read More