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How to take Better Smartphone Camera Pictures

Anyone that has met me in person already knows how much I like to talk about my Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows Phone, which for the time being is running Windows Phone 8.1, as it’s older and just runs like butter, where on 10 Mobile it was a bit rough. The key to this piece is Read More

WSUS Computer Group Rename

Disclaimer: This procedure is not supported by Microsoft and only describes how I managed to rename the computer groups in WSUS without having to create new ones. I cannot be held responsible if you break your WSUS Database even if you follow these instructions exactly. The core of this process I learned from this blog, but Read More

Insteon and ISY 994i Home Automation: First Steps with Motion Sensors

After settling on Insteon as my brand of choice a year ago, partially because they have an excellent Canadian supplier in AARTech, its been working very well for a entry level configuration. I setup the initial system with common areas (entry, kitchen, main hall and bedroom) with lighting control, along with some motion detectors for Read More

Windows 10 and the Ninja Cat

These last few months it’s been fun to watch Microsoft come back around to oddly “feel” like an underdog in the industry. I realize they are not an underdog… they have the market share because Windows has just been “needed” for so long. That was even addressed in this quote from Satya Nadella earlier this Read More

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