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Hearthstone: Warrior TauntZerker Deck of Annoyance – Episodes 1 to 3

Over the last few days I moved ahead with my plans of doing a variety of crazy (or outright stupid) deck builds for the pure fun of it. They will each likely be deck builds that will fail terribly, but are meant to be a little fun to watch. First up for at least the Read More

Humble Bundle Monthly – November 2015 – Good Start!

Sometime in October Humble Bundle started promoting a new program called “Humble Bundle Monthly”. Essentially a subscription service in exchange for an unknown grab bag of games that have not previously been featured in bundles, I decided to give it a try! That leads to this morning when the e-mail came along from Humble announcing Read More

PlayStation 4: Gran Turismo Sport Announced!

Today from Paris Sony announced the long awaited next game in the Gran Turismo series, being known as “Gran Turismo Sport”. While it is likely at least a full year off for release, it’s nice to finally hear some initial details as PS4 has been lacking in non-Arcade style racing games…while in the meantime Forza Read More

HearthStone: The Grand Tournament Announced

Today at 3:30 PM MST Blizzard announced via a Twitch stream  the next HearthStone expansion as The Grand Tournament. Launching ‘next month’ (so early August) along with a deck Pre-Purchase option this expansion is based around the old ‘Argent Tournament’ grounds after the Lich Kings defeat. As part of the new cards all sorts of powers are Read More

Quick Nefarion Hearthstone Tavern Brawl Victory!

When the Tavern Brawl feature first launched on Hearthstone back on June 15th I jumped right in! In my very first match I had Nefarion (vs. Ragnaros) and with mostly luck had a very quick victory. Take a look: This is posting up late as I’m just setting up the Blog/Website details, and moving everything Read More

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