Starcraft: Remastered Announced by Blizzard

Blizzard announced a real treat for all of us that grew up on Starcraft, this morning, revealing Starcraft: Remastered. Slated for a summer 2017 release, this release comes with a whole host of modern upgrades:

  • HD Graphics with 4k UHD and Widescreen Support
  • Display Zooming to see more of the Battlefield
  • Revised Dialogue and Audio in Higher Quality
  • New Campaign Cutscenes to better tell the story
  • Full Original Game and Brood War Expansion
  • Full Windows 10 and Mac Support
  • Updated LAN and Online Multiplayer
Among all the new features and updates, the promise remains that the game itself is still classic Starcraft game-play. No new units or features, leaving the classic as we would expect it…just modern looking.
Blizzard has provided this launch trailer to cover all the new features and visuals:

Here are a few samples of the visuals, noting the wide screen views and huge quality difference, below. Find more at the new


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