Facebook Introduces Privacy Basics Dashboard and Tools

Facebook announced this morning the launch of it’s new Privacy Basics central dashboard, your one place to go for all things security and privacy related on Facebook. The new Privacy Basics however is not just a replacement for the old control panel with all your security settings, instead it is a mixture of dashboard and privacy/security education tools.

It highlights top topics based from Facebook supports most frequently asked questions around privacy and security in an end user friendly manner. A few samples being:

All of these topics lead to detailed breakthroughs with visual samples of how to change settings and where to look in the interface.

Beyond the Top Topics are a selection of categories for additional articles and examples until the title “You’re In Charge”, with categories to explore including Manage Your Privacy, Stay Safe & Secure, Advertising, and Working Together. Each of these categories has a variety of articles and examples to help explain how Facebook works and how it related to your security and privacy.

As part of the upcoming Data Privacy Day on January 28th, every user should take the time to review some of this content from Facebook, and complete a fresh Facebook Privacy Checkup.


Source: Facebook NewsRoom – Full Article

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