Hearthstone: Warrior TauntZerker Deck of Annoyance – Episodes 1 to 3

Over the last few days I moved ahead with my plans of doing a variety of crazy (or outright stupid) deck builds for the pure fun of it. They will each likely be deck builds that will fail terribly, but are meant to be a little fun to watch. First up for at least the month of November and likely working into December is the TauntZerker! This deck is a Warrior deck I’ve built with every Taunt ability card I have, which at this point totaled 28 out of 30 cards. With this many taunt cards it’s bound to at least be annoying to fight against. These fights will be done in single episodes per fight, and an attempt to have at least one fight per enemy class.

First up, just a quick video of the deck build itself:

With the deck built and ready with every Taunt card I have, it was time for the first game of the series:

With that Mage battle out of the way, tonight I played two games and finished editing up the second fight against a noble Druid:


So far it looks like the TauntZerker is sitting at a score of 1 – 1! I already have the next game recorded and just pending some light editing and commentary track. That video should be up later this week along with a few more, and I’ll do another re-cap post here when I have the full set of episodes 4 – 6 good to go!

Until then, check out these video’s and some of my random Live Stream tests I’ve conducted as well. My connection isn’t the greatest to Live Stream from, being Rural LTE Wireless, but it at least works. Enjoy!


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