Windows 10 and the Ninja Cat

These last few months it’s been fun to watch Microsoft come back around to oddly “feel” like an underdog in the industry. I realize they are not an underdog… they have the market share because Windows has just been “needed” for so long. That was even addressed in this quote from Satya Nadella earlier this year:

“We want to move from people needing Windows, to choosing Windows, to loving Windows,” he said. “That is our goal.”

As Microsoft approaches the July 29th official launch of Windows 10 a lot rests on it’s success, and with my own experience this year with the Insiders program and builds I believe they have a solid winner. But more than just being a new version of the same old Microsoft, I’ve enjoyed that under Satya the general image has shifted to be a little more ‘fun’, with the company supporting and taking advantage of what started as mostly an inside meme among core engineers. For a product as previously “stale” feeling as Windows to back and promote a ninja cat riding a fire breathing unicorn as a symbol for there return to “being cool”…is…well…awesome! Today they posted to the windows insider blog a whole host of artwork for this meme to promote Windows 10:



Take a look again, it really is just awesome and confusing all at once…but it certainly fits my personality and the quirks I intend to bring with Techzerker. To top it all off, this isn’t just a matter of sharing some artwork to a limited group of testers or even public “Windows Insiders”…it’s been added to Skype as an animated GIF!


Just type (windows10) in Skype for this awesome emote…

Thanks Microsoft!

I never thought a few years back I would ever consider you ‘cool’ or on to something big. I really have become a big fan of my Nokia 1020 with Windows Phone 8.1 and of where Windows 10 has been developing with the insider program. I’m not a fanboy, I see where the shortfalls exist and the struggle Microsoft has ahead of it…but don’t discount the ‘new’ Windows without giving it an honest trial!

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