2013 Edmonton Expo & Comic-Con

A full week has already passed since the show was over, but the memories of attending the 2nd ever Edmonton Expo are strong! (Of note though…they really need to add Comic in that name somewhere…the average Albertan has no clue what it’s about just by name “Edmonton Expo”…just saying!)

The small gang I traveled to the Expo with this year all decided that the event commanded the full Saturday and Sunday weekend pass, with the event starting with the standard pre-opening line Saturday morning. From the get-go…many cool costumes were present, including several other SteamPunk costumes…photos of those I have too retrieve from a friend yet!

Overall event highlights, beyond awesome costumes, and plenty of cool art and collectibles?

1) Bioware Panel, which was mostly focused on a rarely seen 20 minutes long gameplay preview of Dragon Age: Inquisition, due out Fall 2014! All we could say is…wow…very cool, incredibly worthy looking of Bioware’ name and reputation. A few sources are available, but here is one from an earlier convention posted to YouTube…worth it!

2) Garrett Wang Panel – Garrett played ‘Harry Kim’ in Star Trek Voyager. I personally really enjoyed the Voyager series, but did not expect Garrett Wang to host such an awesome and fun panel, with plenty of good stories, comedy, and just generally a great attitude. He was very happy to talk about the Star Trek portion of his career given the audience. Out of anything in this panel I remember…was Garrett saying the Producers used the Writers via episodes to “tell” the actors things…rather than just tell him. He quoted an episode where Harry Kim and Paris are near death on a planet, crawling back to the shuttle….and Paris (in pain) asks Harry that if they make it out alive, too please start going to the Gym! Garrett was very clear that this was not originally a line in the episode, it was added by the producers because several of the actors had all gained too much weight 😛

3) Saturday Comedy Show – The last half of this evening comedy show was pretty good, with the focus being all local acts, so no “famous names”. Unfortunately, pretty much everyone in the large room was looking at each other with a giant “WTF??” for the first 20 minutes, as a basic Skit surrounding taste testing/guessing between a few buddies was dragged on way too long…it was not funny, and felt like a big inside joke. Following them, it got progressively funnier, ending in a few awesome skits by the final group, and a short impromptu song around “Beam me up Scotty”.

4) LARP Panel – I was not sure if I was going to attend the panel on “Introduction to Live Action Role Playing”, but it was really neat. A few friends locally are looking at trying out a weekend event next spring, so this was a good and informative panel. It is excessively nerdy, and makes D&D look like a Jock game…but hey…it looks like fun! It even has the capacity to drag Standard Nerds! host “Matt” out into nature! (his Kryptonite…as far as we can tell)

I’m sure I am missing plenty of other details. Costumes were great all around, and while the show is smaller than Calgary Expo, it is by no means small, especially for it’s 2nd Year! Besides, it was large enough to draw out some great celebrities, including…

Christopher Lloyd! Along with a really awesome Delorean replica with Flux Capacitor, Time Circuits, and all!

As above, I clearly chose to attend in my first full outing as my SteamPunk alter ego…Jamie L. Jenkins!
Best described as a hilarious and dangerous mix of Jamie Lannister, Leeroy Jenkins, and Handsome Jack (Bonus Points for knowing all those characters…)
I even managed to acquire a cool Cane (with telescoping monocle hidden ontop), and a sweet Jamie appropriate pistol at the Expo!

Finally, some closing photo’s from the Bioware booth at Expo, very worth swinging by! If I snatch any additional photo’s from my travelling companions they will be appended…post haste!



Next Up…Calgary Comic Expo – April 2014! … And after that…maybe even San Diego? or Dragon-Con?

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