40k: Orks Vs. Imperial Guard: Feb 21st!

What ever shall Nerdy Men do on the day of an Olympic Hockey game, while waiting until Game Time?? Why…..WarHammer 40k of course…..WAAAAAGHH!

This actually rather warm ( I was going to say cold and desolate) Calgary day, the Red Dwarf Orks clashed with the Imperial Guard of Commissar Motti in a recently bombarded and ruined cityscape. Between my own buildings from the Games Workshop City set, and Matt’ awesome home-built scenery, we had a very cover-heavy game…..Craters were agreed at 5+ Cover Save, most Buildings agreed at significant 3+ Cover Save.

After rolling on the random tables for Game Type, it was determined to be a Dawn of War style “Objective Control” style game, with a total of Five (5) objectives, mostly scattered in the buildings. Because of this game style, only Two “Troop” choices and one HQ were deployed pre-game……see below:

With the Initiative granted to the Imperial Guard, the most significant action of the very first Turn was the nearly complete obliteration of the group of “Shoota Boyz” located at the bottom of the first picture in the crater. Even with the 5+ cover save, the Boyz could simply not take the template shots from Imperial Tanks…

However! As per “Dawn of War” game rules, the beginning of the Orks “Turn 1” permits deployment of remaining troops from reserve (casualties from Imperial Turn 1 would have been much worse if not for reserves!). Among the many other troops I had in this 1100 Point Game, these 10…..yes 10 Burna Boyz were brought in from the side, very close to a large contingent of Imperial Guard……WAAAAGGHH! Hence, as per the photo below, this is:

“Pre Burna Boyz Incursion”

Much the the Imperial Guards dislike and fear at the end of Turn 1…..and with no “Retreat / Morale Failure running”, I present:

“Post Burna Boyz Incursion”

Finally, the last photo below is about the end of Turn 2, as the game progressed further. During Turn 2 the Imperials permenantly immobilized by Trukk (lower-right) full of Boyz, so they had to bail out into the building and advance on foot. In Turn 3……just before he was ready to bring it in range, Rockit Launcha Boyz managed to destroy the large Flamer weapon on the Imperial Tank in the distance….which was awesome for my Boyz complexion!

All in all, this was a really fun game that went on to the end of Turn 5. At this point both armies were significantly reduces, although the Imperials were showing it worse. Due to the proximity of hockey game time, and the very likely “Draw” game (almost no “Troop” choices that can capture points were left…), the game was concluded as a Draw. If we had progressed to Turn 6 and been forced to end, Imperials would likely have won with the only point captured, if we had gone through till Turn 7, Orks would likely have forced a Draw by eliminating said group of Imperials…

I look forward to further games with the Imperial Guard of Commissar Motti!

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